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About ToughGuard

ToughGuard’s foundation is principled on operating an ethical and honorable company; delivering superior products to the marketplace, creating value for customers, benefitting our local and global environment.

 TOUGHGUARD NHP Xtreme – Best of the Best!”

TOUGHGUARD has proven its unparalleled value in the aviation, automotive, marine and military markets for years. Today, TOUGHGUARD is sold internationally and continues to gain momentum as the undisputed leader in surface protection. Aerospace customers, auto manufacturers, marine customers, freight companies and even the United States Military are saving time and money, increasing performance and preserving asset life with TOUGHGUARD.

For more information about how TOUGHGUARD can help your organization increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and even generate additional revenue, contact our team today.

Our Commitment

TOUGHGUARD is committed to manufacturing and supplying customers around the world with eco-friendly products that are without question, the “best of the best” surface protection products on the market.
ToughGuard is constantly exploring new ways to improve our existing product line as well as developing new products. Toughguard is engaged with one of the world’s most advanced Nanoscience research laboratories along with several other highly credentialed testing facilities across North America. Our commitment to product improvement and new product development ensures customers the most cutting edge products available for today and in the future.

TOUGHGUARD’s Commitment to Our Customers

  • Providing a product that truly preserves their assets by protecting the painted surfaces and gel coated surfaces of those assets with our superior Nano paint protective coating.
  • Continuing research and development to ensure the best performing and most innovative products available.
  • Helping their bottom lines and the global environment by reducing the use of valuable natural resources, the use of chemicals and reducing CO2 emissions.

Our History

Since the early 1980′s, ToughGuard® products have provided protection, preserved and added value for customers world wide.
Into its 4th decade of existence, the ToughGuard® product line has realized great success protecting some of the world’s most recognizable and valuable assets including; the US Air Force & US Naval assets, commercial airlines, corporate aircraft, private aircraft, yachts, boats, automobiles and municipal vehicles.

In February 2012, the ToughGuard, company was re-established by current owner Dan Reid to ensure ToughGuard® as the preeminent paint protection product on the market. Since then, new tests and lab results have led to updated formulas to carry the greatness of the Toughguard® product line into the future.

Our Executive Team

TOUGHGUARD® is led by an experienced management team with a proven record of success.
The team has successfully guided ToughGuard from a small, specialized organization to an international company, while maximizing broader industrial application channels. By effectively managing resources, cultivating fundamental relationships, and achieving important product development and value creation milestones, ToughGuard’s management team has positioned the company for future success.

Dan Reid – President / Managing Director