ToughGuard NHP Xtreme

High Value Asset Protection


NHP Xtreme is a revolutionary, 3D Nano-structured, high gloss polyurethane clear coat product unrivaled in the paint coatings industry.

NHP Xtreme is a multi-functional coating producing real world results that have never before been seen or witnessed and these results are validated by numerous global customers in multiple industries and applications.

NHP Xtreme applied as a top-coat in new paint applications extends the service life of current paint systems by 10 plus years.

NHP Xtreme applied over highly oxidized paint coatings restores & extends the service life of the underlying faded/oxidized paint systems.


Top Industry Applications


ToughGuard’s NHP mat finish is one of the most popular choices for military-grade vehicles...

Oil & Gas

NHP is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance, restore and extend the...


MarineGuard® protects gel coat, metal and glass surfaces against challenging marine environmental...

Green Energy

Increase the asset life of your Green Energy resources. ToughGuard helps wind turbines resist...

Stone & Concrete

Discoloration, staining weathering, and moisture absorption are the key problems faced by stones...


Company transport, whether road or rail is a constantly on the move advertising board for your...

NHP Xtreme

protective coatings incorporates advanced chemical and manufacturing technologies that blow away the competition. Real world applications have proven to the owners of high-valued assets that times have changed in the paint coatings industry.  ToughGuard’s NHP Xtreme is proving to the world that old paint coating technologies have had their day and it’s time for a new sheriff in town.

Repair & Restore

The NHP range for painted surfaces are all ‘hybrid’ products that can be used on both old highly oxidized and newly painted surfaces, delivering unrivaled benefits and performance over any other comparable coating system.


ToughGuard’s paint sealant products are known for protecting some of the world’s most prized vehicles, industrial machinery and equipment, construction and new technology, and nearly all forms of transportation.


ToughGuard is the leader in surface paint protectants. ToughGuard products can benefit almost any painted surface by providing a durable, contaminant resistant finish that is long lasting and easily maintained. Our patented and proprietary formula has been tested and certified to conform to a wide variety of applications so that you can trust its safety. Our team is headquartered in Portland, OR USA and we service accounts across the globe.

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