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NHP Xtreme

The ToughGuard NHP Xtreme protective coating is the most advanced and most effective polyurethane coating on the market. using ToughGuard's proprietary 3D Polymer Molecule nanoscience technology are revolutionizing the industry. At ToughGuard, we are able to deliver unmatched performance at a molecular level by custom tailoring our product to your applications with our unique line of additives and finish.

Revolutionary New NHP Technology

Our revolutionary new NHP protective coatings are changing the way business, companies, and industry professionals maintain their equipment and investments. When you protected your valuable assets with ToughGuard’s groundbreaking NHP protective coatings, you can rest assured that your equipment, machinery, floors, buildings, and other investments will last a lifetime.

2D Protective Coatings

For the last 30+ years, protective coating formulas have been based on the same (2D linear chain) polymer themes, as a result, customers are on an endless treadmill, experiencing little in the way performance improvements on the coatings they are using the same old conventional raw materials & technology. At ToughGuard, we changed that with our new Nano-Hybrid Polyurethane (NHP) protective coatings that use 3D Polymer Molecules to give you the strength and durability you deserve.

2D Linear Polymer Molecules in Old Protective Coatings
Basic 2D Linear Polymer Molecules

New 3D NHP Technology

Our R&D into polymer technology began over 10 years ago and we quickly established that linear chain molecules (providing low cross-link density) were a key component in the breakdown and lack of performance of coatings. Utilizing enhanced techniques including, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA) and Nano-Engineering we were able to analyze and breakdown coatings polymers down to a molecular level, and then start the rebuilding process. Several years and over 6000 iterations later we created our Proprietary 3D Polymer Molecules that would become the foundation in the development of the ToughGuard NHP range of 1-part / single component (1K) protective coatings, raising the bar of performance by all measurements versus all products in our class.

“There’s simply nothing on the market better than ToughGuard.”

More About NHP Coatings

The ToughGuard range of NHP coatings and boosters/additives provide unmatched protection (up to 10-Year Guarantee / Life extension) and unique chemical & mechanical adhesion on a wide variety of materials and substrates, including new or highly oxidized 2K epoxies, 2K polyurethanes / polyurea, powder coats, polyesters, gel coat, e-coats, fiberglass, plastics, anodized aluminum, steel, woods, stones, marbles and masonry.

Benefits of NHP Coatings

Our new Nano-Hybrid Polyurethane (NHP) protective coatings deliver unrivaled corrosion resistance using 3D Polymer Molecules developed by our nano-scientists.
Salt Fog Test– ASTM B-117 Test time @ 4000hrs: No rust and No blistering
Water Immersion Test – ISO 2812-2 Test time @ 240hrs @50°C: Pass

The new NHP coatings provide Extreme Abrasion Resistance by creating the strongest protective coating layer available today.

Abrasion Resistance Test – ASTM D4060 (CS-17, 1kg, 1000 cycles): 8.4mg
Impact Strength Resistance Test – ASTM D2794: > 140, SASO ISO 160

QUV Resistance Test – ASTM D4587 (1500hrs QUV 313) >99%
Xenon WOM Test – ASTM G155 (4000hrs) >99%

TG NHP – Pencil Hardness Test – ASTM D3363: 4H
TG NHP+TG SFA (Matte Finish) Pencil Hardness Test – ASTM D3363: >7H

MEK Resistance Test – ASTM D4752 >1500 wipes No effect on gloss
Acid Resistance Test – SASO ISO 2833: Excellent
Alkali Resistance Test – SASO ISO 2833: Excellent

Flexibility Cylindrical Mandrel Test – SASO ISO 2833: 3mm Passed (Excellent)

As a humidity cured high density, cross-linked polyurethane TG NHP dries without the need for expensive drying systems.
At 72°F – Dust Free: 20-30 mins, Tack Free: 30-40 mins, Handle: 4 hours, Dry Hard: 24hrs
TG NHP+ACA (Fast set curing additive) = Reduced cure times by 50%

TG NHP meets the rigorous California VOC regulations (VOC (less exempts): 1.25lbs/gal

Extreme Operating Temperatures of -40F to 250F mean our new NHP protective coating will keep you covered even in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

TG NHP+30% SFA (Matte Additive) achieves full matte finish characteristics. IR (Infrared Reflectance) is equal to or reduced compared to CARC paint systems.

Exceeds automotive OEM paint system specification.
SASO ISO 2833 Gloss @ 60°: 92.0 (Excellent)

No need to strip old faded oxidized surfaces. Reduce time and labor by using TG NHP. TG NHP dramatically restores highly oxidized painted surfaces to original gloss levels and more.

Flammability Retardant / Flame Spread Test – BS476/ASTM E84: Class 1/Class A (Excellent)

TG NHP will deliver a 10-Year performance guarantee with less than 10% degradation at the 10-year mark with a total life expectancy of 25-30+ years.

When fully cured, TG NHP is 100% inert making it food grade safe. Counter tops, table tops can be coated with TG NHP for extra protection against abrasion, germ and bacteria contamination. Routine cleaning becomes much easier creating a safe, clean environment.

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    Our Commitment

    ToughGuard is committed to manufacturing and supplying customers around the world with eco-friendly, non-hazardous products that are without question, the “best of the best” surface protection products on the market.

    ToughGuard is constantly exploring new ways to improve our existing product line as well as developing new products. Toughguard is engaged with one of the world’s most advanced Nanoscience research laboratories along with several other highly credentialed testing facilities across North America. Our commitment to product improvement and new product development ensures customers the most cutting-edge products available for today and in the future.

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