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The NHP range for painted surfaces are all ‘hybrid’ products that can be used on both old highly oxidized and newly painted surfaces, delivering unrivaled benefits and performance over any other comparable coating system.

Our unique Repair & Restore process that can ‘only’ be performed using NHP coatings, can illuminate the need to completely remove / blast-off all of the existing old paint/coatings from your assets, saving a huge amount of time and money over current maintenance practices, as well as being kinder to the environment.

Save Time & Money

The ToughGuard NHP Repair & Restore process enables you to only have to remove badly the damaged or corroded areas of the painted/coated surface that require repair to ensure the integrity of the metal/substrate. This is often less than 20% of the entire surface area. You therefore only need repair (using NHP-RKR-1 for rust) and re-coat / paint this smaller area, saving up to 80% in labor and resources before even putting the NHP coating technology to work.

How NHP Works

The first coat of NHP softens the existing coating/paint starting a chemical reaction caused by the unique 3D polymers in NHP enabling NHP to penetrate deep into the pores of the surface forming a high-cross chemical bond.

The second coat then continues the process by completely dissolving any surface oxidation exposing the original colored pigments in the existing coating/paint and restoring back the original color of the surface like it is was just newly painted. The adhesion process during this stage is both chemical and mechanical, providing unrivaled bonding delivered by the unique 3D molecular high-cross link density structure of NHP. The bond is not just on the surface, its start deep inside the paint/coating that NHP is applied over.

Finally, the third coat provides the ultimate seal, protecting the surface from solvents, chemicals, acids, oils, greases, UV-Light, abrasion, saline, weathering and any kind of corrosion enabling moisture, leaving a highly robust, easy to clean and maintain finish of your choice, from flat mat to high gloss.

Extreme Conditions

For extreme toxic environments and areas/locations that are hard and costly to perform on-going cleaning and maintenance, a fourth coat of NHP can be applied in order to ensure that maximum performance, lifespan, and protection of your painted/coated surfaces.

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