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Additives & Enhancers

Additives and enhancers have been developed to offer customers alternatives to enhance or modify our base NHP product for different application needs. ToughGuard offers four additives; Matte Finish, Fluoropolymer Finish, Accelerator Cure and Aluminum Adhesion agent.

Matte Additive (SFA):

The SFA is based on ToughGuard’s proprietary polymers and multifunctional nanoparticles.

  • Produces varying degrees of flatness when added to NHP.
  • Can be easily mixed directly with NHP at 10% to 30% by weight or volume.
  • Dramatically increases the surface hardness of NHP from 4H to >7H.
  • Improves corrosion resistance of NHP

Fluoropolymer Additive (FPX):

One-component FXP additive improves oil, ice, water, paint and chemical repellency when added to ToughGuard’s NHP.

  • Produces an anti-graffiti/paint release effect when added in at 3% volume.
  • Repels surface dirt and contaminants to reduce surface maintenance.
  • Improves scratch and abrasion resistance when added to NHP.

Accelerator Cure Additive (ACA):

ToughGuard® ACA (Accelerated Cure Additive) is a proprietary additive designed to accelerate the dust & tack-free times of ToughGuard® NHP during coating applications.

Aluminum Adhesion Activator (MAA):

ToughGuard® MAA (Metal Adhesive Activator) is a single component (1K) adhesion promoter and crosslink booster that will enhance the bonding and crosslinking properties of ToughGuard NHP.

ToughGuard® MAA provides an excellent bond to properly prepared acid etched aluminum and improves crosslink density when added directly to ToughGuard® NHP (1-3%).

MAA admixed to NHP will also boost the crosslinking within NHP’s matrix. This will result in the enhancement of NHP’s chemical, corrosion, scratch and water resistance properties.

ToughGuard Floor Protective Coating

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