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High valued assets such as aircraft, helicopters, turbine blades and rotor blades demand the absolute best surface protection systems available. ToughGuard’s NHP product range offers the aerospace/aviation industry an uncompromising clear coat paint system unequaled in today’s coatings business. Over 10 years in the making with over 5000 iterations to perfect our technology with years of testing and a validating and revalidating ToughGuard has created a generational game changing clear coat system. TG NHP product is far superior to all other like products on the market. Designed to truly protect and extend the life of vital assets and owners investments.

Advantages of NHP

The final top-coat / clear coat provides the ‘first line of defense’ for all aerospace/aviation coatings systems, however the technology for this ‘first line of defense’ has really not evolved over past decades and still remains based on the same linear cross-link technology which ultimately guarantees and constant stream of all to regular repeat business for the paint and coating companies of the world. ToughGuard’s NHP technology shifts the paradigm.


ToughGuard’s NHP offers the aerospace / aviation industry at all levels a vastly superior alternative to traditional paint systems designed to fail at an industry “acceptability” range.


ToughGuard’s NHP is uniquely designed to applied to various surfaces including: freshly painted and highly oxidized 2K epoxies, 2K polyurethanes, anodized aluminum and polished aluminum when used in conjunction with the Metal Adhesion Activator (MAA).

ToughGuard’s Nano Hybrid Polyurethane offers the Aerospace/Aviation Industries:

  • An extremely flexible product – 3mm SASO ISO 1519 offering an answer to ongoing paint cracking issues common with some airframe flex points.
  • An extremely durable product – 4H pencil hardness rated for our gloss finish formula and >7H pencil hardness rated for our Matte finish formula
  • An extremely corrosion resistant product – ASTM 4000hr salt spray test resulting in no rust or blisters
  • An extremely chemical resistant product – ASTM D4752 MEK Resistance >1500

Whether you have existing assets that are heavily oxidized with degraded coatings, or new assets that are due to be coated, then contact ToughGuard NOW and find out how TG NHP ‘will’ save your company thousands, if not millions of dollars.


Change the way you protect your new & existing assets and start saving $$$ today by contacting ToughGuard here for your nearest ‘approved’ ToughGuard representative to find out how TG NHP ‘will’ work for you and your company.

“There’s simply nothing on the market better than ToughGuard.”

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