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Lumber & Timber

The two worst enemies of wood/timber are moisture and UV light. Both have a dramatic impact on the lifespan of wood. Conventional wood varnishes and oils are all well and good, but they either need applying on an annual basis (especially outdoors) or they tend to crack over time and do not provide the level of UV protection to prevent the color of wood from fading.

Better Protection

In utilizing our unique and exclusive polymer technology, ToughGuard has developed a seal and product, ToughGuard NHP WSP-5. Part of the range of NHP products, WSP-5 provides long-term protection against not only harmful UV rays and moisture, it also protects woods for chemicals, acids, water, solvents and wear and tear caused by abrasion.

Use NHP WSP-5 with NHP-SFA to create the desired finish for your wooden objects and structures, from a completely flat finish to a high gloss polished finish. Keep your wood protected and looking new for up to 5-years.

Contact ToughGuard here to find more about NHP WSP-5 and to locate your nearest ToughGuard ‘approved’ representative.

“There’s simply nothing on the market better than ToughGuard.”

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