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MarineGuard® protects gel coat, metal and glass surfaces against challenging marine environmental elements. Achieve years of protection with one application.

Marien – Above The Waterline

Marine vessels obviously operate in a high saline, high UV exposure environment every day of their lives. A constant requirement to keep washing and polishing the above the water line paint/gel coat in order to remove corrosion accelerating salt from the surface, as well as to maintain the ascetics of the vessel, all contribute to the acceleration in the degradation of the paint/gel coat.

ToughGuard’s NHP M-AWL-10 has been developed using our unique 3D high cross-link polymer technology to mitigate against the challenges faced above the water line for marine vessels for 10+ years.

With finishing options from flat mat to high gloss, M-AWL-10 is not only the ultimate final coat for a newly painted vessel, it’s also a life-span extension for old exiting paints and gel coat (see Repair & Restore) M-AWL-10’s high gloss finish also eliminates the need for regular polishing and/or the application of aftermarket polished and waxes. All finish options of M-AWL-10 provide an easy to clean and maintain surface that provides unrivaled protection from salt water, UV rays, chemicals, oils, fluids, and abrasion.

For your nearest approved ToughGuard ‘approved’ representative, and to find out more on how ToughGuard NHP M-AWL-10 can protect the above the water line needs of your vessel for longer and save you substantial time and money throughout the life of your vessel, contact us here today.

Marine Flooring & Decking

Another revolutionary and unique protective coating the ToughGuard NHP Marine range that using our unique and exclusive 3D polymer technology. ToughGuard NHP M-DEC-5 has been developed to deliver robust long-term protection for external flooring/decking on marine vessels.

Whether you have painted, gel coat or timber flooring / decking on your marine vessel, M-DEC-5 utilizing its high-cross link density 3D polymer technology will seal and protect against the degradation of your flooring from harsh UV rays, salt spray and abrasion, as well as against damage and staining from water, abrasion, oils and chemicals and fading of the floor / deck color.

With a variety of finishes from flat mat to a high gloss, and with the enhanced booster option NHP AS-1 to increase the anti-slip properties of the finish of the flooring, NHP M-DEC-5 is your ultimate marine flooring/decking protector providing up to 5-years of easy to maintain protection.

Contact ToughGuard here today for more information and to find your nearest ToughGuard approved representative.

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“There’s simply nothing on the market better than ToughGuard.”

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