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NHP is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance, restore and extend the service life of “freshly” painted or “oxidized” painted surfaces by 10 years.

Industrial companies across the globe, including the oil & gas industry, spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on the maintenance and protection of their painted assets. These companies often operate in the harshest environments where coated assets are heavily exposed every day to chemical attack, UV-light, extreme variants in weather conditions & temperatures and salient atmospheres, all of which are huge contributing factors in the rapid onset of oxidation, fading and wear / surface degradation all ultimately leading to corrosion, and so the constant expensive maintenance/asset protection cycle goes and on.

How It Works

The final top-coat / clear coat provides the ‘first line of defense’ for all industrial coatings systems, however the technology for this ‘first line of defense’ has really not evolved over past decades and still remains based on the same linear cross-link technology which ultimately guarantees and constant stream of all to regular repeat business for the paint and coating companies of the world. Developed over the past 10-years, TG NHP with its unique 3D molecular cross-link structure his here to break this cycle once and for all.


If you were able to extend your maintenance cycles by 10+ years, on both new and existing assets, how much money would that save your company in labor, product expenditure, repair work, and asset replacement?

Plus the positive environmental impact in this ever-changing world where becoming ‘Greener’ is a pre-requisite to all businesses on the planet!

TG NHP provides the solution to putting the dollars pack in your companies bank account and not in the account of the paint & coatings companies, quite simply put, ToughGuard TG NHP if the game-changing ‘first line of defense’ that the paint & coating companies don’t want you to know about.

Whether you have existing assets that are heavily oxidized with degraded coatings, or new assets that are due to be coated, then contact ToughGuard NOW and find out how TG NHP ‘will’ save your company thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Change the way you protect your new & existing assets and start saving $$$ today by contacting ToughGuard here for your nearest ‘approved’ ToughGuard representative to find out how TG NHP ‘will’ work for you and your company.

NHP Oil and Gas Protective Coating
Natural Gas & Industrial Parts
Oil Drilling Rigs & Refineries

“There’s simply nothing on the market better than ToughGuard.”

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