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Concrete & Stone

Discoloration, staining weathering, and moisture absorption are the key problems faced by stones and concretes. ToughGuard’s NHP SCSP-10 penetrates into the pores of stones and concretes providing a deep embedded protective layer preventing the absorption of moisture and fluids whilst sealing the surface to protect from weathering, wear and tear, and staining.

Unmatched Protection

Using the unique NHP polymer technology, SCSP-10 is able to form a chemical and mechanical in the pores of the stone/concrete so that it becomes almost as one with the stone/concrete. This enables NHP to deliver long-lasting protection and keeps stones and concretes in new condition for much longer.

ToughGuard NHP additive/booster polymer liquids can be used with SCSP-10 to give enhanced protection benefits and the preferred finished.

For more details about ToughGuard SCSP-10 and to find nearest ToughGuard approved representative, contact ToughGuard directly on our contact page here.

ToughGuard Concrete and Stone Protective Coating

“There’s simply nothing on the market better than ToughGuard.”

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