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Company transport, whether road or rail is a constantly on the move advertising board for your business, and the condition and aesthetics of these vehicles represents your companies image and brand 24/7. However, with high usage and having to endure harsh operating conditions it can be an expensive and time-consuming process to keep maintaining your brand image on company vehicles.

Our unique Repair & Restore process that can ‘only’ be performed using NHP coatings, can illuminate the need to completely remove / blast-off all of the existing old paint/coatings from your assets, saving a huge amount of time and money over current maintenance practices, as well as being kinder to the environment.

NHP Performance

Every day, hour or minute that your vehicles are undergoing maintenance, whether it is for washing, repairs or repainting, it is time that they are not in-service and working to earn revenue for your business.

ToughGuard’s revolutionary new NHP product CF-NCC-10 has been developed using the same unique and unrivaled technology as the entire NHP range to deliver unrivaled performance in terms of finish, protection and extended life expectancy.

With an easy to clean / maintain finish (from flat mat to high-gloss) with an anti-graffiti option to protect against vandalism and defacing of your brand, ToughGuard NHP CF-NCC-10 will protect from color loss due to UV exposure, inhibits corrosion and provides ultimate protection from oils, chemicals, salt, moisture, mechanical fluids, weathering and operating abrasion for 10-years.

CF-NCC-10 can be used as the final top/clear coat and ‘first line of defense’ over your newly painted vehicles, or as a restorer (see Repair & Restore), protector and life extend of your existing painted vehicles.

To find out how CF-NCC-10 can save you time, money as well as enhancing and protecting your vehicles and company brand image, contact us here.

“There’s simply nothing on the market better than ToughGuard.”

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